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Norfolk Rural Business Advice Service is part of the Rural Enterprise Hub at Easton College, Norwich, Norfolk, England

Is diversification for me?

There are two different groups of people we work with to set up a business:

  • The first are those that have a very clear idea about the business they aim to set up,
  • The second may have a vague idea or no idea at all of the business they plan to develop.

If you fall into the first group then this questionnaire may help you to spot opportunities to improve your original idea.

If you fall into the second group then the questionnaire will help you to identify your real assets and opportunities and should help you to identify a possible way forward.

The questionnaire is for your use and can be printed and written over or work through online. You can work through it systematically in one sitting or come back to it over a period of time. We would advise you to take time to sit and think about the questions, not all the answers are straight forward.

Click here to download the questionnaire


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